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Sandy Beach

Owner, Reiki Master, Intuitive,
and Certified Life Coach

When we choose to live a socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, environmentally, and financially balanced lifestyle with a mindset of integrity, we have chosen to be the best version of ourselves. It is only then that we achieve the fulfillment of living life as our authentic selves. When we discover our authentic selves, we have the opportunity and ability to share the positive consequences of living our authentic lives with the world, which in turn can add value to other people’s lives.



Lainie loves beauty, the arts, truth, honesty, kindness, balance, harmony and expresses her love through her actions and selfless nature. Born as a SUN RISING Scorpio, Lainie is not afraid to dive deep into the murky waters of life. She is fascinated with what lies underneath the surface. She balances her loving, caring, outgoing personality with her direct, assertive, yet private nature.


Professionally, Lainie earned a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Michigan University and after holding various roles in the criminal justice field over the past 30 years, she currently holds the role as  the chief probation officer at a local district court. She is a former Mary Kay sales director and former dance teacher.  

As she grew in her spirituality, she was drawn to various forms of healing modalities and furthered her educational training through obtaining her Reiki master certification, certified spiritual life coach, certified and accredited angelic healing practitioner, advanced crystal healing practitioner, with experience in quantum healing techniques and hypnosis modalities of treatment.  

Her closest friends would describe her as passionate, intelligent, strong, vibrant, honest, organized, inquisitive, intuitive, open-minded, energetic, encouraging, motivating, dedicated, loyal, and conscientious with unwavering faith.

Lainie is married with six children, a product of her blended family.  She enjoys walking, hiking, traveling, dancing, and enjoys having large gatherings where she can cook and entertain for her family and friends.

As she continues on her own journey of discovering her authentic self, she shares her passion, wisdom and life experiences to those, who too, are searching to find their true self through the various healing modalities, mentioned above. 

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